28 Sep 2009


Prepare yourselves for a fantastic story.....

As most of you know, although I am not officially engaged yet, Danen and I are getting married... sometime! So, that being said... I overheard a woman in Bloomingdale's the other day describing this phenomenal wedding dress sample sale that was going on Saturday September 26th! I was fascinated by all of the designers she was talking about so I went home and looked up all the information and sure enough in the city there is a wonderful dress shop called Glamour Closet. This store is known for selling Designer Sample Gowns at discounted prices. However, because they are designer dresses they are still quite expensive until this one day in September. Once a year they have a blowout sale and slash every dress to be priced at $499, $999, or $1499 and if you know designers you know that is unbelievable savings! Naturally, I had to go partake of this display of beauty and madness. 

Thankfully Kiera was good enough to wake up at the crack of dawn with me, take our camping chairs and get in line on Columbus Street downtown San Francisco, to await the opening of the store. They opened at 9 AM and by the look of it there were easily 100 women in line by this point. We got let in with the first group of about 40 women, and we were given 50 minutes! It was madness! We were grabbing every dress we could find and running to an empty spot on the floor where we could drop our stuff and starting putting on these gowns. Naked women everywhere, half crying because of stress or happiness! Seriously, it was madness! But, I found it. The Dress! It was calling my name! And I bought it!!!!! I can't post pictures obviously.... Danen would totally cheat and look at them! hah, but just know that it is gorgeous! Watch this clip from a friends episode that describes quite perfectly how our experience was! (Just skip to minutes 3.00 through 5.00) You will love it! 



Brief Update!

Me and Kiera at the A's Game!
Mallory was in Sacramento with her sister and came to spend the day with me in the City!

The most amazing find at an "antique" store, yes that is an authentic bear's head!
AT&T PARK! So cool because it is right along the Bay

Lots has happened since I moved to Cali. Firstly, I got a full time job! Whoohoo! I am working at the Laura Mercier counter at Bloomingdale's in their Cosmetics department! And I am really enjoying myself! There is a very specific client who shops at the Stanford Shopping Center Bloomingdale's they fall into two molds. First, the old woman with the rock on her hand that would sink her right to the bottom of the ocean who you know will buy the ridiculously priced $95 hand creme. And second, the young Asian woman with the giant Louis Vuitton on her arm, usually with a pathetically small dog inside that I always confuse as a rat! In either case, I welcome them both at my counter with a large grin only to then have them confuse me as Tatyana, the blonde Russian woman who works at the counter across from me. She was worked there for years, and I do kindof look Russian I guess. When they find that I am not her, they are usually visually disappointed! Ah, the joys of the workplace. I have been having so much fun hanging out in the city! Danen's sister, Kiera is living in San Fran right now for 6 months doing an internship, so it has been so much fun hanging out with her and exploring the crazy sights of San Fran together! The greatest adventure we have had together requires its own unique posting that I will discuss in a few minutes! 

21 Aug 2009

CALIFORNIA.... Finally!

This was the most exciting sight of our whole 13 hour drive... awesome isn't it!
Go 49'ers!!!
Well everybody, it has happened! I have committed to something and actually followed through with it... haha! I have moved to Palo Alto, California and am having a great time so far. My first weekend was packed with lots of fun, unfortunately I was sick the first 3 days I was in Cali but I got better relatively quick. On Friday night Danen and I went to the first pre-season game of the San Francisco 49'ers! It was so much fun, we had great seats... and it wasn't as cold as I had anticipated. Danen laughed at me all night long wearing a long sleeve shirt, a tee-shirt, a sweat shirt, and topped it off with a scarf and it was the middle of August! But we live in the Bay area so it is always cool at night here! Saturday we went and saw The Time Traveler's Wife which I absolutely loved, we deemed it fair to see the ultimate chick flick due to the fact that we went to a football game the nigh before! I am posting some pics. of my house in East Palo Alto (EPA, also known as the ghetto of the Bay area.) Please don't google it... Holly will not like the stories she will read! haha! Enjoy the pics everyone! I will start blogging more now that I have left dear Happy Valley, I promise! yeah... Cali's expensive... i need a job quickly! haha
     The lovely look on my face after purchasing my very 1st tank of California's Gasoline... yikes!
(mine's the top bunk!)
Our lovely little townhome!

I put this up because this is our neighbor directly across the street, and I love her flowers!

12 Jun 2009


My Awesome Grandparents!
Me, Mom & Dad
The Whole Fam... Thanks for Coming You Guys!
My Siblings... doesn't everyone look so old!!!!
Me, and Indie-Loo!

OK... I have officially become the worst blogger in the history of blogging, but I will try to make up for that now! I graduated from the University of Utah on May 9,2009 with my Bachelors degree in International Studies. (Although technically I will not receive my diploma until August because I am finishing 2 classes this summer.) It was so fun to have all of my family come to town for the big day! It was almost surreal to walk and hear my name called out in the Huntsman Center.. I am official an adult now! Time to grow up and get a real job, but I couldn't do that without one last spur-of-the-moment trip to Europe (of which I'll blog about next!)

15 Apr 2009

My Future Home!

Here are some pictures from my last trip to visit Danen! I will be moving there in about 4 weeks... YAY! I can not wait! I love California, and everything about the cities!

The Cutest Candy Store ever in Sausalito!

Chloe's Birthday

I went home to Houston a few weeks ago to hang out with Chloe for her 18th birthday! Man I love Houston, the weather was gorgeous and we ate our way through the weekend! 

23 Feb 2009


Last Night me and 2 of my friends went and finally saw Celine Dion! She is incredible! That is a serious understatement! ...honestly the most amazing singer I have ever heard in my lifetime! She is so much better live than on her CD's (if that's possible)! It was funny but we sat right by Jerry, Leilani, & Mollie! They would agree with me I'm sure that Celine rocked our souls! I am forever changed!

My 22nd Birthday!

Golden Gate Bridge!

Seeing The Producers on Valentines!!!
The Girls: Lisa, Me, Manda, Mallory, Carol & Heidi

Well I am 22! This birthday was celebrated in two increments... first I got to go to San Francisco with my friend Amanda! It was so fun hanging out in the city and spending the weekend with Danen! He took me to see The Producers on my birthday and it was so much fun! When I got back to Utah I had a birthday dinner with my close friends! Lots of cake was eaten during birthday week thats for sure!